Thursday, 18 July 2013

M Gourmet - funky hotspot in Beirut

Being a sushi fanatic , I never get tired of looking for the perfect place to enjoy some maki.
After getting my share of lebanese food and zaatar for a whole week , I decided to take my taste buds out for something different.
My friend suggested we try out a new place in Ashrafieh, Beirut's chicest city.

Located on Ashrafieh's main street , M Gourmet has been open since december.
Its quirky pop art interior is definitely worth pointing out.
The restaurant is filled with quotes such as 'Deep down I'm very supersushial' and ' Everything you see I owe to sushi' and is finished mostly in white & fuchsia .

What we ordered :
- Crab salad
- Crazy shrimp
- Crispy crazy
- Salmon Maki
- Chicken crystal maki
- Lion King
- Maki Nutella


The ambiance was great, with some nice music playing in the background.
The pictures of the d├ęcor speak for themselves: doesn't it feel like you're wandering through one of New York's art galleries?

The menu offers a wide variety of appetizers, sushi rolled in salmon,rice,nori,iceberg lettuce,avocado and sushi deserts.
The food was great, however, it  wasn't the best sushi I've had.

They even offered us some desert sushi to celebrate Lea's graduation !

Next time you crave some sushi in Beirut , head to M Gourmet!


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