Friday, 29 November 2013

Dilemma solving Sonia Rykiel

Fashion is all about planning.You're constantly rummaging through your closet to find some basics you can wear next season or flipping through magazines to pre-order the latest collections.
The weather in the UAE doesn't make it any easier.
You can't purchase the winter collection because of the thick materials usually needed in colder countries.
You can't wear the spring collection in the winter since the colors are too bright.

The situation : Weather related style dilemma
The solution : Pre-collections

And I've got just the collection to wear for the 'winter' to spring transition period.
For Pre-Spring 2014, artistic director Geraldo da Conceiçao’s new Sonia Rykiel woman steps
out breezy and brash on the city’s springtime streets. A clean and easy take on the eternal
Rykiel wit and dash, this wardrobe is lighthearted and sophisticated.

I love the nonchalant , masculine yet flirty side of the collection.
Knits (comme d'hab) take center stage...Rykiel's collection consists of colorful sweater dresses,  cheerful golf sweaters and slinky dresses with pleated skirts. Nonetheless, Rykiel's signature stripes are still present in the form of twin sets paired with comfy trousers (my current obsession) or flared skirts.
The masculine, loose cuts are balanced with decorative bits, light pastel colors such as pink, mint and yellow sorbet...
The pieces are fresh (use of fabrics such as Cotton and viscose) yet warm enough for our light winter.
As for accessories. it's all about bowling bags in coordinating colors to finish off the look and platform shoes to rise 'insouciante' above the rest.
The collection will hit the stores in December 2013.
N'oubliez surtout pas de passez pour admirer la collection et peut-etre pour s'offrir une pièce !


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