Wednesday, 9 April 2014



Who says you can't look as good as that sorbet you just Instagramed?
The Pastel palette has been growing on me for the past few weeks.
Styled properly, it can take you from day to night in the freshest way.

It's pretty hard to step away from the dollhouse and high tea image but when paired with the right pieces this look is a no-brainer.

There are many ways to wear pastels.However you must keep in mind that :

1- Too many pastel colors in one ensemble is a big No No.
2- Layering or pairing different shades of the same pastel color isn't for everyone.

To start off you can incorporate some accessories into your outfit.
Also,do invest in mini bags this season in brights or pastels.( This Wang beauty is to die for).

The more adventurous ones, read on.

To achieve the perfect look you can go for a pastel piece with a bold piece.
Pastel pink and a bold fuchsia is a great combo.
On another note, pastel yellow looks great with a royal blue touch.

For another look you can pair two pastel colors together (evidently not green and yellow though).Pair pastel pink and pastel blue to look put together and spring ready.The light blue skirt from Topshop is a must have!

If you would rather play it safe, neutrals are the answer.White is the perfect canvas for pastel and so is tan.Try pairing this T by Alexander Wang top with a ruffled white skirt for a crisp look.

Finish off your look with metallics such as a silver mirror shoe or a thin belt.

" P.S
      This trend is not inspired by Pop culture as E! would probably make you                 think.
      As much as people want pop culture to have a say in the fashion world , I'd             keep Kanye West as far away from couture houses as possible. Chacun son
      truc. "

- A little peak into an upcoming post.

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