Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fashion Forward cover

What is Fashion Forward?
 'Fashion Forward aims to be the definitive fashion platform for the Middle East – a fashion movement that highlights strengths, inspires and nurtures industry growth and its wealth of talent, with the ultimate goal of driving forward the entire fashion industry in the region.'

Glam,high fashion and local designers were a few things I expected from this season's Fashion Forward weekend.However, I was surprised with much more !
I was lucky to attend the first two days packed with fashion shows from the best local designers as well as interesting panel talks (look out for a post soon).
i also enjoyed a few snacks at the 'fashion cafe' , a look at the designer dresses on display and admiring Dubai's ever evolving street style.
Here are a few of my favorite looks from the catwalk(I also attended Kage,Emperor 1688 and Dima Ayad - not featured due to lack of pictures) :

Show 1 - Rani Zakhem

 Something I definitely found creative was this model walking around with a board and a small bell to announce each show !

The beading on Zakhem's dresses really caught my  eye as well as the lovely color palette.
However, I was not very keen on the designs since they showcased no originality or a 'special touch' (cf grey dress above resembling Elie Saab's previous collections  )

Show 2 - Essa

I've always been very fond of Essa's designs and this collection in particular definitely lived up to my expectations.Something I love about local designers in the UAE , is that they mix their culture and heritage with fashion, and that's what makes them worthwhile.
The leather, embroidered detail and shoe 'capes' stood out the most in my opinion !

Show 3 - Ezra 

Ezra was definitely my favorite! The swarovski detailing was TDF and the brocard embroidery even better.
As you can see, the collection was inspired by spanish architecture which explains the red 'bride' and her crown.

One thing's for sure I can't wait for season 2 of Fashion Forward next October !

* Pictures are my own 

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