Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Steal vs. Splurge

You've been craving that checkered dress that went down the runway at Louis Vuitton?That clear box clutch at Chanel?All of these 'last craze' trends are definitely going to break your bank!
But guess what ?You can still be 'tiré à quatres épingles' as they say in french and the most stylish person in your hood, well in your area that is (insert reference to Karama,Corniche Jumeirah,Dubai Marina.. )

I personally don't believe in splurging on excessively expensive short term trendy items, I'd rather invest in timeless pieces such as an LV speedy,a pair of classic black pumps from Louboutin or a Chanel quilted bag(Still waiting for a rainy day).

I've been looking for a Céline lunch bag which was on the runway and gave up when I heard how much it would cost.I focused on finding an affordable alternative since such a piece won't be something I'd wear frequently.It's amazing how Zara makes your life easier  : log on to or have a look around the store and ta-duh instant trend copy.
I'm not the type to buy knock-offs but I'm a big fan of Zara especially since I'm on a budget.
Have a look at the (much) cheaper alternatives I found.

1- The leather lunch bag

                                               Top       Céline - 7700 AED
                                               Bottom   Zara - 145 AED
                                              This one is #1 on my shopping list.

2- Clear box clutch

Top   Charlotte Olympia - 3100 AED
Bottom    Zara - 145 AED

3 - Givenchy Shopper 

Left  Star shopper Zara - 350 AED
Right  Givenchy Antigona - around 3100 AED

Happy shopping ;)
xoxo Myriam

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