Monday, 16 June 2014

Abu Dhabi's Hidden Gem : Caramel

Being a foodie and all, I never pass up an opportunity to try out a new restaurant in Abu Dhabi.
Especially when it's one I've had the opportunity to indulge in earlier in Dubai.

Caramel : A chic american lounge at The Collection, St.Regis Saadiyat Island Resort
My take : An opulent setting and delicious food that gets your taste buds buzzing

As we chatted in the lounge area, we were treated to a refreshing mocktail that screamed fruity goodness.
After moving to the dining area, a selection of delectable dishes started pouring in.

For starters we had Baby 'Gem" Caesar Salad which tasted a lot like a regular Caesar salad (45 AED) but with the eventual presentation twist.
The Tuna Pizza with pickled shallots and a drizzle of truffle oil (130 AED) is something I will definitely be back for.This was in my opinion the star dish of the entire meal.
My second favorite was the TNT shrimp(120 AED): golden crust,creamy sauce and a succulent shrimp can do no harm.Who mentioned a diet?
Something a little more asian was then served: the Chicken lettuce bites ( 75AED) , a tad messy but loads of fun to make consists of a platter of baby lettuce, chicken stuffing and some sauce you get to DIY.

For mains, we enjoyed cooking our own thin slices of meat on a sizzling hot rock (120 AED).
To follow we indulged in seared chilean sea bass(150 AED) and Pan Seared lamb loin (125 AED)
However, what's a lunch at Caramel without the infamous Kobe Beef Sliders (120 AED) cooked to perfection ?

To end the meal on a sweet note , we had spiced apple cobbler (49 AED)and chocolate chunk brownie (49 AED) which I did not try for personal (food related) reasons.I can tell they were pretty good from the delighted expressions everyone else had on.
I did try the Baked Alaska (45 AED)  - the astonishing presentation definitely matching the succulent , creamy interior.

This venue is one to watch after Ramadan. I will definitely be back to enjoy some of my favorite dishes.
The staff is very professional and courteous and the ambiance very delightful in the evening.
A meal will probably set you back by 200-300 AED, a suitable cost for a high standard dining experience.

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