Monday, 17 February 2014

Barely there

Barely there

After being on a blogging hiatus for quite some time due to a hectic exam period  , I'm finally able to do what I really love.In the midst of all the fashion week glory , I've decided to give you a taste of what I've been craving and subsequently investing in!

I'm sure you concur that the weather in Dubai/Abu Dhabi has been quite bipolar.
It's like we have 4 seasons in a single day.I've even come up with a new term for this 'season' , Wing.
It's neither spring or winter here , and it's making my outfit choices particularly difficult.

In my season we wear lots of pastels, drink yummy Jasmin tea (I picked up from Hong Kong) and listen to Michael Buble.Oh and occasionally run by the beach on the corniche.

When we're not busy doing that, we do look for :

- Pastels & candy colors.Lots of them. After Celine showcased that Pink coat, I've been on the lookout for a more affordable version.(unsuccessfully)
But the Candy Colored Zara heels I've found recently are much more versatile and definitely pocket friendly (350 AED a pair).

- Dainty rings : the cutest and most versatile trend this season.Mix it up by stacking a bunch or just layer a couple of them.You can get a pack from H&M for 26 AED or invest in some lovely yellow or pink gold ones from your local jeweler.

- Essie's Topless and Barefoot : A passe partout shade that looks good on everyone.

- Scented Candles : no explanation needed.

- Organza Midis : who says you can't stand out when wearing neutrals? If you want to be a bit louder incorporate bold colors and prints to your neutral based ensemble.

- Plimsoles : Vans were a thing when I was younger. I guess Philo made them cool again.
These snake print babies are a good bargain from H&M..

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